The Winant Fund


Grants for 2005




Parent/Teacher Association, C. Negruzzi High School, Tirnova village, Donduseni region

$350 to purchase 250 metal plates, spoons and cups for the cafeteria.  Previously, students had to bring their own plates, cups and utensils for lunch, resulting in hardship for indigent families arising from frequent loss and breakage.  The new supplies are unbreakable and are kept at the school.  The PTA provided 25% of the funds required.


“Keep the Fires Burning” project, Center for Children, NGO “People for People,” Edinet

$450 to purchase wood to heat the center through the winter and consumables (sugar, tea, jam and pickled vegetables) to supplement other donated food used to provide lunches to needy children.  70 students use the center, including disabled students who spend much of the day there.


“Health First” project, Medical Office, Criva village, Briceni region 

$220 to purchase a medical scale for the sole health clinic in this village of 1600 people.


Day care program, NGO “Vatra Satului,” Zberoaia village, Nisporeni region

$400 to purchase a refrigerator for the center, which provides an early childhood development program for 42 children, aged two to five.  One goal of the purchase is to allow the center to double its capacity.


Ion Creanga School, Zirnesti village, Cahul region

$220 to buy basic sports equipment for the school, which serves 360 students in grades 5 through 12.


Joanna Kelly, Peace Corps Volunteer, Cahul

$383 to cover the costs of participation in a conference sponsored by the International Council on Alcohol and Addictions in Budapest, Hungary.  Ms. Kelly is instituting an alcohol and substance abuse prevention program for schools in the Cahul region.


Kindergartens in Manta and Pascani villages, Cahul region

$400 to purchase basic educational materials and educational toys and games.


Association for Rural Development “Romanita,” Ulmu village, Hincesti region

$350 to purchase school textbooks for the 106 neediest children (grades 1 through 9) from impoverished households.  The average monthly income in this village of 3500 people is $60.


“Encouraging the Elderly” project, Veterans’ Organization of Ialoveni district

$400 to provide basic foodstuffs (wheat, rice, macaroni, sugar, salt, vegetable oil) and hygiene supplies (soap, detergent, shampoo) to 50 impoverished elderly residents.  The supplies were purchased, packaged and delivered by members of the Veterans’ Organization, who are themselves mainly elderly.


“Starting School on the Right Foot” project, Union of Private Farmers, Singerei

$510 to purchase shoes, shirts and school supplies (backpack, notebooks, pencils) for 17 children in extreme poverty, to allow them to remain in school.


NGO “Danco,” Zgurita village, Drochia region

$370 to purchase new sets of bed linens for 40 residents of the orphanage in this village, in the extreme northern corner of Moldova.


“Better Medical Facilities for Children” project, Parent/Teacher Association “Credena,” Lipnic village, Ocnita region

$250 to purchase basic supplies (stethoscope, thermometers, examination table, etc.) for the health office of the village school.


Mihaela Daily Placement Family Center, Criuleni

$215 to provide dental examinations and basic treatment to 24 Roma children.  This project was carried out in cooperation with visiting medical staff from the North Carolina National Guard.


Parcurasii Day Center, Cotiujenii Mari village, Soldanesti region

$1,428 to provide medical supplies and treatment for beneficiaries of this center for children with disabilities.




Cyril and Methodius Primary School, Purvomai

$355 to purchase basic school supplies (notebooks, pencils, etc.) for 100 needy students attending this majority-Roma school.  This project was carried out by Peace Corps Volunteer Jim Mayers in cooperation with the Roma NGO “Phoenix 21.”


Founding Organization of the Disabled Union, Perushtitsa

$380 to provide sign language training for a deaf-mute woman and her family.


“Warm Winter” project, Home for Children, Purvomai village, Petrich region

$385 to provide winter hats, scarves, gloves and socks for the 63 residents of this orphanage in southwest Bulgaria.


Hristo Smirnenski School, Berkovitsa

$360 to replace interior lighting fixtures.


MBAL Hospital, Ivailovgrad

$300 to purchase a freezer to support a program to prepare and deliver meals to elderly shut-ins.