The Winant Fund


Grants for 2006




Association IKAR, Haskovo

$300 to purchase clothes and school supplies.




All Moldova projects were funded through the “Success!” program of the U.S. Peace Corps:


Easing the burdens of students, Donduseni village

$350 to purchase durable plates, forks, spoons, and cups for a local school cafeteria. Previously the students had to bring their own utensils from home each day, and cleanliness and hygiene were a problem.


High School Kitchen Window Repair, Giurgiulesti

$450 to replace broken windows in a high school kitchen. Due to lack of funds, broken windows often go unrepaired for years. This project will reduce heating costs and make for more comfortable eating conditions for students.


Travel Club Retreat: Leova (Leova raion), Grozesti (Nisporeni raion), Colibasi (Cahul raion)

$300 funded 16 students from three regions of Moldova to travel to Chisinau and do some things they had never done before, including visiting a museum, eating Syrian food, and going to a movie theatre. The money also paid to paint a world map on the wall of a school. The specific activities also required the students to do extensive planning and research and budgeting work.


Book Project, Cioburciu village

$450 purchased 86 books for a local high school, and developed a checkout system for the same. The main emphasis was on health education books, but other books were bought as well.


Together We Are Strong, Popestii de Sus village

$449 provided nine student desks, eighteen chairs, and a teacher’s desk for a classroom in Northern Moldova. The furniture replaced badly worn and damaged desks and chairs.


Summer Camp, Baimaclia village

$237 to develop a day camp for local children in a village in Southern Moldova. The camp focused on health education lessons, but did so through games and other fun activities. One special benefit was to use high school students as peer educators working with younger camp attendees.


Literature for a Brighter Future, Topala village

$396 purchased a number of new books for a community library in a remote village in Moldova.


Bucataria Scolei Zgurita, Zgurita village

$450 to purchase a refrigerator and an electric stove for a school cafeteria. In addition to improving sanitary conditions, the more cost-efficient stove will reduce operating costs and free up money for repairs elsewhere in the school.


School Library Collection, Carahasani village

$287 supported the purchase of 69 books for the local school library, including atlases, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and literature. The grant money was partially matched by money from the PTA to increase the impact of the effort.


It Starts Here, Crasnoarmeiscoie village

$450 to purchase a refrigerator for a kindergarten in order to provide a sanitary and cold place to store food for the children. This gives the school staff greater flexibility in meal planning and preparation, and protects the children’s health. The remainder of the grant money was used to buy lunchroom furniture for the school.


IATA!:  Taraclia, Cirnatenii Noi, and Cainari

$181 supported the IATA! youth business camp, teaching basic business principles to young Moldovans who grew up in a society with little notion of free markets. Although the program had been developed previously by Volunteers, the grant funding allowed for it to be given in three more villages, for a total of 43 students. The money provided for printing of manuals for students to take home, refreshments, prizes, and instructional materials.