The Winant Fund


Grants for 2008


Mali:  Women’s Sewing Center - $489.00


The Women’s Association of Trainers of Tominian (AFEET) was formed in 1996 with 17 members.  Founded on the idea of women teaching each other, the association now boasts a membership of 33.  A primary goal is for the women to implement income-generating activities, putting more resources in the hands of female heads of household.  This project will assist the Association in establishing a sewing center for its members, using five sewing machines donated by USAID.  The women will mend clothes and sew curtains, sheets and other household items, improve their sewing skills and increase their income by offering tailoring services to the community.  Project funds will provide start-up supplies including sewing and cutting tables, chairs and stools, fabric, scissors, needles, thread and elastic.


Mauritania:  School Improvement - $510.00


In 1997 the local elementary school was constructed with ceilings of corrugated zinc.  In hot months the temperature in the rooms makes it impossible to study past 11:00 a.m., and in winter the lack of insulation makes the classrooms extremely cold.  Repeated requests to the government to replace the ceilings have been unsuccessful.  This project will replace the ceilings of two classrooms, as the first phase in a plan to refurbish all six classrooms, build a wall around the school, construct and office and storage room, dig four latrines, and repair desks and chalkboards.


Guinea:  Health Center Renovation - $850.00


A project to construct a primary health care facility in the village of Missamana in eastern Guinea.


Senegal:  Milling Machine - $880.00


In a rural village in Senegal women spend an average of two to three hours per day manually pounding grains of millet, sorghum and corn into flour for cooking.  In a meeting to identify and prioritize village needs, the women made acquisition of a milling machine their top priority.  Several nearby villages will also benefit from access to the machine.  The local women’s group that will oversee the operation of the machine intends to divide income it generates for purchase of supplies (e.g., oil and gas), salary for an operator, general maintenance fund, a fund for the eventual replacement of the machine, and a separate fund to provide for other village needs.  These other priorities include installing a water pump, building a fence for a community garden, and building a health hut to be used for birthing and distribution of basic medicines.


Nothing But Nets - $500.00


This UN-affiliated NGO distributes durable anti-mosquito bed netting to help prevent the spread of malaria.  This disease is the leading killer of children in Africa, and claims over one million lives every year – mostly children under the age of five. 


Washington, DC:  SOME (So Others Might Eat) - $500.00


SOME has operated in our nation's capital for 40 years.  It works to feed, clothe, shelter, treat, and train the homeless and poor.  Over the years, it has helped thousands of people get off the streets, transform their lives, and live independently.  Currently SOME feeds more than 1,000 people each day and meets other immediate needs of the homeless and poor by providing clothing, shower rooms, medical and dental care, and shelter for elderly people who have suffered abuse or neglect.  It also offers affordable housing for families and single adults, addictions treatment, job training, counseling, and day programs for seniors and people with mental illness.