The Winant Fund

Grants for 2013


Ghana: School Renovation - $675.00


A project to complete and upgrade the primary school in the village of Kwamebikrom in western Ghana. Includes completion of six existing classrooms to provide protection from the weather, and the addition of one classroom and an office.


Mozambique: Bandar Foot Bridge - $400.00


A grant to support the construction of a 40-meter suspended pedestrian bridge (also suitable for animals and motorbikes) across the Montepuez River in northern Mozambique. Linking the villages of Bandar and Nchomekah, the bridge will facilitate access to nearby agricultural markets, a hospital and secondary school. Currently fast-flowing water and the presence of crocodiles make fording the river extremely hazardous during the rainy season.


Panama: Solar Well Pump - $374.00


A project to install a 1225-watt solar panel array and water pump in Caimital, Panama, to replace an obsolete diesel turbine. Completed in October 2014, it increased the availability of potable water in the community from 1-2 hours each week to several hours per day when there is ample sunlight.  Twenty-seven houses, one school and a church now have a dependable supply of potable water to support improved hygiene, health and overall quality of life. The project includes two seminars to educate the populace on the basics of alternative energy systems and aqueduct management.


Cambodia: School Murals - $227.45


A grant to provide materials for school students and teachers to paint the interior of their school and complete additional creative painting projects, including the English alphabet in each classroom, a map of Cambodia, and a school-wide mural competition. The project was developed by a local English teacher and Peace Corps Volunteer to create an environment that is more conducive to learning and academic pride, teach practical skills including project management, and potentially reduce the high dropout rate.


Tanzania: Primary School Renovation - $400.00


A project to refurbish the elementary school in Simambwe, Tanzania. The school, which serves 533 students, suffered from a leaking roof (which disrupted classes in the rainy season) and lack of glass in the windows of many classrooms (making them extremely cold in winter, as the village sits at an altitude of 7,400 feet). This project upgraded the working space, built a restroom, added furniture, replaced broken windows, and provided new teaching supplies.


Togo: School Refurbishment - $431.00


A grant to support the refurbishment of a middle school (CEG) in Kpategan, Togo, serving 450 students from 12 villages. Elements of the project, which was completed in May 2014, included finishing the secondary classroom (walls, floors, and chalkboards), constructing a urinal, and purchasing 20 new desks to reduce overcrowding.


Togo: School Desks - $400.00


This grant paid for the fabrication of 90 desks for student and seven chairs for teachers in the village of Tami Zongo, Togo. The dilapidated village school serves 273 students, and desks built for two students were supporting five or six. Parents provided 25% of the project costs, with the remainder from donors.


Togo: Community Well - $150.00


A project to provide a new, sustainable water source in a village in northern Togo. The existing well fails during the dry season and water in the nearby river is not fit for drinking, so village women must walk several miles to find potable water. This grant supplements contributions by the villagers for siting and construction of a new, permanent well, which was completed successfully in April 2014.


Global: Nothing But Nets - $400.00


This UN-affiliated NGO distributes durable anti-mosquito bed netting to help prevent the spread of malaria.  This disease is the leading killer of children in Africa, and claims over one million lives every year mostly children under the age of five. 


Washington, DC:  So Others Might Eat - $500.00


So Others Might Eat has operated in our nation's capital for over 40 years.  It works to feed, clothe, shelter, treat, and train the homeless and poor.  Over the years, it has helped thousands of people get off the streets, transform their lives, and live independently.  Currently SOME feeds more than 1,000 people each day and meets other immediate needs of the homeless and poor by providing clothing, shower rooms, medical and dental care, and shelter for elderly people who have suffered abuse or neglect.  It also offers affordable housing for families and single adults, addictions treatment, job training, counseling, and day programs for seniors and people with mental illness.