The Winant Fund




Benin:  Maternity Clinic - $500.00


A project to construct a separate maternity building in place of the current arrangement, in which mothers are seen and babies delivered in a single room inside the local health center.  By separating the maternity function from the area where ill individuals are being treated, and providing training to at least 30 women on maternal and child care practices, the project aims to improve health outcomes for the entire community.


Benin:  Classroom Construction - $300.00


Construction of a four-room addition to the middle school in the rural Eastern Collines region.  The current seven-room structure is overcrowded, with students frequently forced to study outdoors.  When complete, the project will allow the addition of a new grade level.


Botswana:  Preschool for vulnerable children - $300.00


A project to renovate an existing building to offer pre-school for vulnerable children including orphans, the poor, and those with special needs.  The aim is to provide affordable, quality education to these children with an emphasis on the English language and life skills.  In addition, local villagers will be trained in education, teacher training, and business skills.


Ghana:  School Renovation - $500.00


Reconstruction of three dilapidated rooms of a nine-room school serving 465 students in a town of 1200 residents.  The project will also provide new desks, chairs, tables, and blackboards.


Senegal:  Health Post Fence - $350.00


Grant for purchase of materials to construct a fence around the local health post in a remote village.  The fence will keep out the livestock – sheep, goats, donkeys, cows, and horses – and other animals that roam freely in the area.


Zambia:  Teaching Spaces - $350.00


A project to expand the local Basic School from 11 classrooms to 21 and relieve overcrowding among the 1,100 students.  Improving the learning environment is expected to reduce the number of dropouts, early marriages, early pregnancies, and rates of HIV infection.


Vanuatu:  Primary School Renovation - $450.00


Renovation of a local school building that dates from the 1960s and is now dilapidated, leaks during the rainy season, and would be hazardous in the event of a natural disaster.  The new building will support 30 second graders on a daily basis and served as an assembly hall for school and PTA meetings.  Fifteen community members will assist a local contractor in the project.


Global:  World Food Program - $250.00


A one-time grant to support this UN agency’s response to food shortages around the globe, particularly in Yemen and sub-Saharan Africa.


Global:  Nothing But Nets - $250.00


This UN-affiliated NGO distributes durable anti-mosquito bed netting to help prevent the spread of malaria.  This disease is the leading killer of children in Africa, and claims over one million lives every year – mostly children under the age of five. 


Washington, DC:  So Others Might Eat - $500.00


So Others Might Eat has operated in our nation's capital for over 40 years.  It works to feed, clothe, shelter, treat, and train the homeless and poor.  Over the years, it has helped thousands of people get off the streets, transform their lives, and live independently.  Currently SOME feeds more than 1,000 people each day and meets other immediate needs of the homeless and poor by providing clothing, shower rooms, medical and dental care, and shelter for elderly people who have suffered abuse or neglect.  It also offers affordable housing for families and single adults, addictions treatment, job training, counseling, and day programs for seniors and people with mental illness.