The Winant Fund


Grants and Projects, 2000-2004

03-BG-01:  Center for Development, Nikolaevo, Bulgaria.  $81 to purchase house slippers for 25 Roma children resident at the Center during the week.

03-BG-02:  Rilski School for the Deaf, Targovishte, Bulgaria.  $150 to purchase basic medical supplies for 158 children living full-time at the school.

03-BG-03:  Home for Children, Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria.  $350 to purchase underclothes and socks for all 100 children at the orphanage.

03-BG-04:  St. Kliment Ohridski elementary school, Borovo, Bulgaria.  $300 to purchase textbooks, which will be kept at the school and loaned each year to children who cannot afford to purchase their own copies.

03-BG-05:  Cyril and Methodius Orphanage for the Disabled, Brestovitsa, Bulgaria.  $300 to purchase underclothes and socks for the neediest children.

03-BG-06:  Burdarski Geran Orphanage, Biala Slatina municipality, Bulgaria.  $200 to purchase shoes for the 50 children at the orphanage.  Other donors contributed an additional $82.

03-BG-07:  Cyril and Methodius Boarding School, Radevo village, Nova Zagora municipality, Bulgaria.  $300 to purchase basic clothing for each of the 82 children who live at the school during the week.

03-BG-08:  Nikola Vaptsarov Boarding School for Mentally Handicapped Children, Elhovo, Bulgaria.  $312 to purchase cloth to be used in a job training program for students at the school.  While being taught sewing skills, the students converted the cloth into bed linens for themselves.

03-BG-09:  United Children’s Institution and Kindergarten, Yakoruda, Bulgaria.  $120 to refurbish playground equipment.

02-BG-01:  Maria Louisa Home for the Elderly, Svishtov, Bulgaria:  $260 to purchase two vacuum cleaners, one clothes dryer and two cases of adult disposable diapers.  The Home is a 90-year-old facility housing 125 displaced seniors ranging in age from 60 to 90.  Previously, residents' clothes were line-dried and the 60 carpeted rooms were cleaned with a broom and dustpan.

02-BG-02:  Children's Orthopedic Clinic, Gorna Banya, Bulgaria:  $681 to fund the purchase of a perfusor (a machine that regulates the dosage of medicines being given intravenously to patients).  An additional $220 of the purchase price was covered by other donors.

02-BG-03:  Home for the Raising of Children Without Parental Support, Damyanovo village, Bulgaria:  $338 to provide winter shoes for 22 seven- to ten-year old residents of the home.

02-BG-04:  Children's Nursery "Cricket," Yambol, Bulgaria:  $308 to purchase 60 winter coats for children served by the nursery.  Most are ethnic Roma ("gypsies") and come from single-parent homes.

02-BG-05:  Home for the Raising of Children and Teenagers Deprived of Parental Care, Velingrad, Bulgaria:  $292 for dental care.  The state does not provide dental care for institutionalized children in Bulgaria, but a Peace Corps Volunteer in Velingrad has arranged with a local dentist to donate her services and provide an examination and follow-up care for each child in the home.  Our donation will be used to purchase the necessary supplies.

02-BG-06:  "Unity" Reading Room, Kurdzhali, Bulgaria:  $328 to help fund AIDS Awareness Week events in this mainly ethnic-Turkish city in southern Bulgaria.

02-BG-07:  Home for the Elderly, Aitos, Bulgaria:  $312 to purchase a refrigerator so that nutritious meals can be prepared on site for teh 32 residents.

02-BG-08:  Municipal Office for Social Support, Ruen, Bulgaria:  $313 to purchase winter coats for 16 disabled children.

02-BG-09:  Special Needs School "Vasil Levski," Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria:  $313 to purchase supplies for training the school's poor and learning disabled students in sewing and upholstering skills.

02-BG-10:  "Kiril and Methodius" middle school and "G.S. Rakovsky" elementary school, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria:  $104 to purchase winter clothing and shoes for the neediest students at these schools in the city's Roma ("gypsy") quarter.

02-BG-11:  Social Home for Children, Fakia, Bulgaria:  Donation of a used G.E. dryer (value $70) to this orphanage near Burgas, on the Black Sea coast.

01-BG-01:  Stanata School for children with mental disabilities, Novi Pazar, Bulgaria:  $254 to purchase diagnostic and educational equipment as well as shoes for those children whose families cannot afford them.  The school teaches 140 elementary school students with a variety of disabilities (from stuttering and dyslexia to mental retardation) and seeks to help them understand and deal with their conditions and to integrate them into society.

01-BG-02:  Municipal Children’s Center, Tsarevo, Bulgaria:  $153 for children's reading materials and school supplies, and for a heavy-duty mixer that the Center will use for a paper recycling program developed with the assistance of a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in an effort to become self-sustaining.  Tsarevo is located on the Black Sea coast, near the border with Turkey.  The Center offers classes in music, ecology and health, among other subjects, and organizes activities for holidays such as Christmas and Earth Day.  Recent drastic cuts in funding have forced the Center to the brink of closure.

01-BG-03:  Municipal Social Services children's home, Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria:  $238 to purchase appropriate clothing for ten older students will leave the orphanage this year.  The new clothes should boost their self-confidence and ease their integration into society.  This institution combines an orphanage and a school for students with mild mental retardation. 

01-BG-04:  Social Home for children with disabilities, Gorski Senovets village, Veliko Turnovo district, Bulgaria:  $340 to purchase a professional-quality food processor to prepare food for those children who must be fed by bottle.  The Home cares for 50 children with mental and physical disabilities, some of whom are not able to leave their beds.

01-BG-05:  Home for Children with Mental Disabilities in Jurkovo village, Luky district, Bulgaria:  $286 to purchase bed linens and food sufficient to supplement the diets of the children for 3-4 months.  The 72 children at the Home suffer from serious mental disabilities.  Many cannot communicate, and 40 are unable to leave their beds.  As in many such institutions, government funding is just barely adequate to meet minimum requirements.

01-BG-06:  Pensioners' Home in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria:  $218 to provide supplemental nutritional items in Christmas packages for the 120 elderly residents of the home.  Other donors provided baskets and personal hygiene items.

01-BG-07:  Support for an orphan in Nova Zagora, Bulgaria:  $165 to provide clothing, winter boots, eye glasses and school supplies to an 11-year-old girl living with her mentally handicapped grandparents after the death of her mother and abandonment by her father.

01-BG-08:  Project canceled and resubmitted in 2002.

01-BG-09:  Social Institution for Professional Secondary Education for Mentally Challenged and Orphan Children, Ovcha Mogila, Bulgaria:  $275 to purchase shoes for the neediest children.

01-BG-10:  Union of the Deaf and Mute, Momchilgrad, Bulgaria:  $294 to provide Christmas "care packages" including staple foodstuffs and batteries for hearing aids to the 60 most severely handicapped members and their 111 dependents.

01-BG-11:  Kiril and Methodius School for the Disabled, Brestovitsa village, Borovo municipality, Bulgaria:  $267 to purchase a 3-4 month supply of medicines for the infirmary at the school, which is home to 120 children suffering from various mental and physical disabilities.

01-BG-12:  Dimcho Debelyanov Orphanage, Silistra, Bulgaria:  $172 to purchase winter boots for the children.  Other donors provided an additional $788 to provide boots for all 74 residents.

01-US-01:  September Eleventh Fund:  $100 to this fund established jointly by the United Way and the New York Community Trust to assist victims of the terrorist attacks and their families.

01-US-02:  The American Red Cross:  $100.  In light of concern that the outpouring of donations to the special fund set up by the Red Cross in response to the terrorist attacks was diverting money that would normally go to other needs, we earmarked this small donation for the ARC's regular domestic relief operations.

00-CZ-01:  Children's Home ("Detsky Domov"), Litomerice, Czech Republic:  The Detsky Domov provides care for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children in the town of Litomerice, located in the North Bohemia region of the Czech Republic.  The air in the region is heavily polluted due to extensive use of low quality brown coal in power plants and heavy industry.  To protect the children's health, the staff try to provide them one trip each year to a location with healthier air.  The Fund provided a grant of $350 to help defray costs of the children's trip to the Adriatic coast of Italy.